This is a genealogical family history of the Robert Gillaspy, Sr. family and allied families: Montgomery, Gorrell and Hall, and it is more of a general history of the families than a record of specific dates and facts. These may be found in the black leather bound family record book which I had prepared several years ago. For much of the information in it and also in this History, I am indebted to several other persons. The following people have given me much help in its preparation. they have done a great amount of research. The Genealogy was started by my Uncle James Harvey Gillaspy and continued by his son, Arthur Porter, who with my help, added to it and later I revised it in its present form. Others who have contributed information are: Mrs. Kathy Shirley of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, Mr. Lyle Buchanan of Duran, Michigan, Mrs. Fraser of Oregon, Mrs. Helen Gardner of Scottsburg, Indiana, Mrs. Dale Lamaster also of Scottsburg, and Nancy Blair of Crothersville.

To Mrs. Gardner much credit must be given for her work on the first generation, that of William and Mary Montgomery, which had been a missing link in the genealogy of our family. They were parents of the first generation.

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