Nov 15 1942

This history of our family is as I have it
Mary E Gossman Cockrum.


Henry Gossman
born June 5, 1810.
died July 10, 1896.

Louisa Herman Gossman
born Sept 17, 1818
died Jan 6, 1875

Philip Gossman was born on Nov 24 in 1845 at Kloppenheim in the then Grand Duchy of Nassau now a part of the German Empire the province of Hesse Nassau. His father Henry Gossman was born June 5 in 1810 in the above [page] named town was the younger[est?] son of Christian and ________ Gossman who was for many years the Mayor of Kloppenheimer[Kloppenheim?].

Father had two brothers. The older one Christian served in the army as adjutant clerk or as we have it here as Sarjent Major. The other brother Peter was a carpenter by trade. They had one sister Amelia who married Mr Philip Crui. She left two children. Henry Crui who died in Kansas City Mo. and Mrs Catherin Grasslaw of Indianapolis Ind. [page]

My Mother Catherine Louisa Herrman was born in 1818 Naurod Nassau Her mothers name was _____ Ruf; Mother had two sistera and one brother the oldest lived in Nassau her name was Marguret. The other sister whose name was Elizabeth was married to the late Wm Schwein Sr. who owned and occupied the farm now owned by John Harman They came to America about 1842 or 1843.

Our family came to America in 1848 coming down the Rhine river by boat to Roterdam Holland then by [page] sail ship (The French Vista [o?]) to New Orleans La. in 47 days.

At New Orleans my uncle John Herrmann who had been sick for a long time died and was buried at that place.

From New Orleanes we came to New Albany Indiana by steam and from New Albany to Brownstown Ind overland via Salem Ind by the late Henry Turmail [Furmail?] in his wagons

Our family consisted of John C[?] Gossman born Dec 25th 1843. Philip born Nov 24. 1845 William born on ocean Oct 30 [page] 1848. Louis born Mar 21 1851, Henry born Aug 15th 1852 + George who died in infancy
Louisa _________
Caroline born July 26 1859.
Dorthy born Feb 7. 1851.

We stayed at uncle Wm Schwein's for several months then bought the old home place (now owned by Ralph Gossman) at Slygo from the Wm H Ewing Sr where I grew to man hood.

John Christian Gossman died Jan 25 1919.
Philip Gossman died Jan 2d 1928 [page]
William died June 24 1924
Henry died Nov 24 1930
Caroline died June 14 1940
Dorthy died Dec 31 1935
Louisa [illegible]

Father wrote was in the Civil War Co G 25th Ind vo[?] infantry 3rd Brg 1st Division 17th Army Corps. [page]

Mother's Family

Niehaus family
Fredrick William Niehaus was born Jan 16 1818 in Swarzdorf Amt[?] Village Wittlage Hannover Germany. He came to this country in 1840 settled first at Pitsburg Pennsylvania. He was married the first time to Elizabeth Bultman. She was born in Germany Jan 8th 1819. After coming to this country he came into the German M.E. church through thorough conviction and conversion followed and remained in the faith untill his death.[page]

He and his wife had each saved $50.00 with which they bought 160 acres of land from the government paying one dollar an acre commenced keeping house in the woods in Grassy Fork Township Jackson Co Ind This union was blessed with eight children of whome one daughte Mary Ann Gossman is living. This good wife and mother died in 1859.

He married again to Anna Strodtman in Jan[?] 18 - 1860 a widow with one little girl Elizabeth Strodtman and three step children [page] Mrs Kate Meng[?] Mrs Mary Miller and Henry Strodtman.

Mrs Fredric Niehaus was born in Essen Germany Jan[?] 31 1830.
Her marriage to Fredric Niehaus was blessed with five children

Sarah Louise Niehaus Schmidt
born Aug 21 1861
Mary Rhoda Josephene Niehaus Frickie[?]
born Dec 19 1863
Fredrick Carl Niehaus born Aug 14 1866
George John Niehaus [born] Jan 16 1869.
Anna Wilhemina[?] Niehaus Gillman
born Oct 25 1870.

Fredrick Niehaus Sr died Apr 1 1876 is buried in the city cemetery t Seymour Ind His wife Anna Died Dec 26 1893 and lies beside him [page]

Catherin married Charles Goeking[sp?] and moved to St Joseph Mo where she died leaving a husband and four children two sons and two daughters
Catherine Elizabeth Niehaus Goeking[sp?] born July 1854 and died Oct 9th 1893.
Clara Elizabeth Goeking[sp?] born Mar 1879[?]
Fredrick[h?] Edward [Goeking[sp?]] born Sept 26 1880
Sarah Emily [Goeking[sp?] born] July 31 1882
William Arthur [Goeking[sp?] born] June 11 1884
[page] Mary Ann Niehaus (Lucy[?] Grandma) born 4th 1848 D. June 16 1928

her children
Mary Eliza [born] Jan [?]4 1869
Louisa [born] May 9th 1870 [D.] Aug 8, 1870[?]
John Louis [born] Sept 13 1871
Fredric Henry [born] Mar [?] 1873
Kate [born] Dec 26 1874
Margaret Adaline [born] April 17 1877 [D.] Nov 1942
Martha Ann [born] Jan 9 1879
Charles Wm [born] Jan 13 1882
and Caroline [born] Jan 13 1882 [D.] Aug 30 1882
Edward Everet [born] Sept 21 1883
James [born] Oct 14 1885 [D.] Mar 26 1907[?]
Sarah Frances [born] Oct 12 1888 [D.] Apr 24 1918
Mabel [born] Oct 16 1891

Mother had a brother William who died about the year 1890
Mother + Father were married Mar 4th 1868 [page]

Father wrote the history which I have copied to the best of my ability June 27th 1926.

Mrs Mary Cochrum

Lucilles Aunt
Phillip is father + Lucilles Grandfather